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The length of the board plays an important role in processing. Generally speaking, longer type boards are always faster than shorter type boards, but shorter type boards are very flexible. Use it to decide when to buy a SUP always prefer honu.com.au .When choosing length, it is helpful to understand its relationship with volume and capacity. Longer boards can always increase the volume and capacity, making you feel more stable and able to carry more on the board width and thickness are also factors of volume and capacity-please refer to the section on SUP width and WidthSUP. The role of length that suffers in any surfing boards, may provide a piece of information in this article.

Camping Paddleboard SUP

Width is one more important factor in board handling. A wider type board is always more stable than a thinner board, but keep it in your mind always that is a wide board may be slow, so it causes the board to be mostly too wide for you, which will make boating difficult. The manufacturing width of UPS ranges from 25” to 36” to meet a wide range of requirements.

When choosing the width of the SUP, please consider the type of paddle you will use, your size, and your skill level.

 Paddle type:


If you are going on a long trip that requires additional equipment (such as a refrigerator). For restaurants and tents, choose wider tables to get more amount of storing space. This is also the case if you are doing particular SUP-type yoga; a 31-inch or wider board allows you to pose space and stability. On the other area, narrower surfboards are faster and more flexible, which makes them the first choice for riders and surfers. This is how the types of paddle suffer.

Body shape:

Try to adjust the breadth of the special  SUP item to fit your body shape. Generally speaking, if you are a short person, choose a narrower board, if you are a tall person always select a wider board. Because short people can usually find correct on the narrow type board, and tall people have difficulty. Even if we put a short person on the particular board that is too which means big, they will have to awkwardly approach one side and immerse the paddle the level in the water, which results in ineffective strokes.

Like the length AND BREADTH, width always affects the total value of volume and load-bearing capacity, so you can choose the width accordingly. For example, once you have determined that the length we need is determined by the type of paddle we always want to make, you can choose a width and the thickness. We want to see the SUP strength section of the item, providing you with volume and weight. See the table for capacity. The body shapes regarding the SUP and its length and as well breadth.

Why buy an inflatable SUP: 

Your storage space is limited if you live in a small house, apartment, or apartment, you may not have enough space for a large full board. This is why the persons buy an inflatable SUP.