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The market for streaming movies on the Internet is growing more and more in Brazil and in the world. Therefore, experts have prepared a list with some of the services that stand out so that you can identify the most suitable to use in your day today. There are free options, rent per movie, and also monthly subscriptions, guaranteeing unlimited streaming; choice.

The most popular streaming service for movies and serials is Lk21 . With a monthly subscription of $ 16.90, you have unlimited access to a large catalog of movies, documentaries, and TV series. You can watch on your computer, smart TVs, video games (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox) on compatible phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

It is the most traditional and successful model in the market. Internet users when they register receive a free month to evaluate the service. There are frequent updates to the catalog, but not as frequently as in services like iTunes and Lk21 Movies.

It’s Free

Lk21 is free. However, it has a much smaller catalog, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The system is exactly the same. The user can access from the computer, mobile phone, tablet, or video game, choose the movie they want to watch. It has many old movies, classic but few releases.


It is a service on demand of channels, offers free videos for Internet users to try out and gives free access to the subscriber of the operators GVT, NET, Multi-play, NET and CTBC throughout its catalog. Among the highlights, in addition to films, are national and international series.

The Movies

Lk21 is best known for uploading users’ videos. However, it has recently started using its platform for streaming. A number of producers already have licensed channels on Lk21, a service that offers the rental for a fixed price that will entitle you to see the work within 24 hours on the site. The catalog is extensive and well updated.

The Smartphone Option

Users of smartphone products have in movie streaming an excellent tool for watching movies online. Just visit the virtual store to buy or rent the videos. There is a frequent update in the store, with many launches, and the catalog is extensive and full of news. Movies have HD (high definition) and SD (standard) versions, and prices vary to only watch for 24 hours (rental) or have it in your phone’s memory forever (purchase). You can watch movies purchased or rented not only on the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone but also on any computer, Mac or Windows with iTunes installed.

Lk21 Movies For You

Following the template, Lk21 Movies works similarly, but for Android users. It also has the rental or purchase system, and the catalog is very similar to that of the Apple virtual store. The difference is that access to them will only be on Google’s own mobile devices. One way to watch the movie on a big screen is by using a ChromeCast, which is compatible with Lk21 and TV.

The Right Options

Slipping away from this style, despite offering thousands of videos for streaming online, the channels still bet on DVDs and Blu-Rays. The user subscribes the services of the page, for R $ 18, 90 monthly, and thus can rent the movies that you want with delivery in your house. Stay with them a while and then request the withdrawal for return to the site. In online playback, with this subscription, video playback is unlimited.