wealth management services
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Asset management is a service that is offered by asset management professionals (such as banks, SIM, and SGR) to whom the customer delegates the management of its capital. The specification of the movable term is necessary to clarify that, in this context; reference is made only to the management of capital. If instead, we were dealing with real estate wealth management services we would be talking about the management, in fact, of the properties, as the term suggests.

wealth management services

Asset management has an indefinite duration, and the customer can request at any time the partial or total repayment of his capital. The repayment times are fast and coincide with those needed to disinvest the securities in the portfolio. At predefined time intervals, a report is sent to the customer on the situation and on the management trend.

How does asset management work?

The customer contacts the management company of his choice and, behind the signing of a contract (management mandate) and the payment of the sum he intends to invest, entrusts to specialize companies the construction and management of his own portfolio of securities investments. After completing a questionnaire, in order to identify its objectives and its risk profile, the customer opens a relationship with the chosen Company which, in turn, will take care of transferring it to an account in the customer’s name. With a Custodian, the capital entrusted.

How is the portfolio built?

Through an accurate profiling procedure, each customer is associated with a risk profile that takes into account the return objectives and the risks that the customer is willing to support. Starting from the profile obtained, the Company builds the portfolio, which will be customized and adequately diversified to be in line with the investor’s requests and needs. The management has an indefinite duration, and the customer can request at any time the partial or total repayment of his capital in a short time. The most interesting aspect of asset management is the possibility, for the saver, to delegate the management of his own money to specialized companies regulated by the Bank.

What is the goal of asset management?

The goal of allocating their savings to an asset management company is to see the chosen investment activated and obtain a revaluation of the deposited capital over time.

The duration of the management

The asset management service has an indefinite duration, and the customer can request at any time the repayment of the invested capital, partial or total.

How much is the asset management service?

The costs differ depending on the reference operator. There are some variables that directly affect the percentage to be allocated for the service, such as:

  • Cost of the instruments (the Current Expenses or TER) that depend on the instrument itself
  • Management fee
  • Other costs: administrative and deposit costs, trading costs, performance fees, and entry and exit fees.

Each of these items varies depending on the company providing the service, so they may be present or not present.

In conclusion:

There are no administrative and filing costs, no trading fees, no performance fees, and no entry and exit fees; The cost of management is approximately half that of existing traditional operators, and commissions vary from a maximum of 0.70% to a minimum of 0.40% per annum.