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We are living in the modern world with stylish life and technological development also we can identify through the masses life fashion and their usage of the vehicle increased for transporting. Many vehicles are available with high facilities for travelling from one place to place before the COVID 19, everybody, family members are planned to visit someplace through the transport like van many bigger travel buses are available and they make a trip from school, college and office to relife their stress and using car common car according to the countries their cars and transport facilities are different to go 12 months. Smallest vans, microvans most influenced with goods and people with high quantities. In that van has many seats in the large vans and the passengers and their institutional purpose and they offer transport for a student who is travelling from the long distance. For the business purpose and their goods and their pieces of equipment are get through the transport are needed

go 12 months

Transports and Minivans:

Many vehicles are used in a different brand such as Compact MPV, Mini MVP these are the minivans. Compact multi-purpose vehicles are used in middle-size vehicles and their abbreviations are compact MPV which is used multi-purpose and which is the mini size it was built in many European countries and also in the Asian market. Mini multi-purpose vehicles this is the smallest van of the minivan is small and simple in vehicles and it is considered as a Mini MPV is was built in the B-segment platform and sold highly in the hatchback model. Minivan cars transported for passengers are designed vans that contain rear seating which is flexible for the passenger in a row.

Equivalent terms are considered as multi-purpose vehicles and their body with one box or two boxes. A car which is used to travel with the fewer members, nowadays people mostly liked to use cars, In the modern world people are spending their time with the family members, travelling makes them join and share their need in travel and according to their facilities cars are designed. Van and cars used to travel according to their needs at the same time it was designed with the advanced technology. Cabs and some other travel van are available for rent. Each car and vans have a different producer for manufacturing and its ways of maintaining and using machines also different. The automobile company has designed with various ideas and with the help of advanced technology.

Automotive Industry:

An association of people with the legal entity representing a natural and mixture of the specific objective for the company. Comprises and a wide range of organizations in the automotive industry. This automotive industry involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and the selling of motors and fixing an engine according to the vehicle, later it deliver to the automobile for their maintenance, auto m machines, and technicians which is repaired and establishment through an automobile repair shop.

In 1860 Horseless carriage was manufactured with hundreds of pioneers in the automotive industry. In the American term for Horseless Are Brass Era car which is early manufacturing and they fitting the prominent during lights and radiators. Later it was developed according to the technology development and the modern world necessary also increased and in the marketing. In the market, automobiles are welcomed and increase their production.