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Archery Tag game is played by the players who are all involved in playing offense. This game teaches the players about the attack of the opponent without hurting him only by hitting him. On seeing the game, it was very simple to play but when playing the game, it was so difficult to play. Players on both teams have to stay in the safe zone. Here archery tag singapore venue  is a good place to play this game. After the arrow is issued by the player of any one of the team then the arrows can be replaced by the field. Players cannot be able to shoot the arrows when they are in a safe zone and as the same the opponent cannot should the other when he is out of the field that means in a safe zone. The name of the game is an archery tag that was announced in the ancient period itself. This name should contain any of the reasons for what it was named as so.

Safe zone and its uses for players to safeguard them

archery tag singapore venue

The only purpose of the safe zone is to use it whenever the player any help the help may be either medical or in-game itself. So, the player cannot be in the safe zone for a longer time to safeguard them from the opponent hit. Sometimes the arrows can get out from the field that can be retrieved by the player but the player must enter into the field soon by retrieving the arrows. outside the boundary is sometimes termed as the safe zone and there the player can be safe without hitting by the opponent. A headshot is not required to eliminate the player only the form tipped arrow hit on any part of the body of the player to eliminate him from the game. If anyone of the person in the eliminated team catches arrow then the eliminated person can enter into the game and start to play. the game come to end when the whistle is blown by their referee or the alarm sound appears, these all happen in the three occasions they are, all the players of the opponent team or knocked out, the least number of counts in the space missing at the allotted time, and also all the players eliminated from the opponent team. Whenever any one of these three happens referee will blow the whistle and the game comes to end. After dissolve occurs the player must get out of the field and there is no time to play again the game is over.

Various safety measures are taken before the game is going to be played by the player

All the different kinds of safety measures are taken to the player before playing the game. Like the same, the basic need for the player is considered as the main precaution for the game. Because all the common accessories are carried out by the team members and the authority for the game. This consists of the facemask, glows, and various others. These pieces of equipment can be available on various websites with good quality to protect the player from hitting by others. Before purchasing this kind of equipment, the player should be aware of the accessories and the websites or shop where they are going to buy. The basic need for the player must be known by himself and there is now no option to complain to others when they are injured.