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A mobile application is considered to be computer programming and then the software application that helps to design and to run mobile devices like tablets, watch, and phones. In most of the cases, the applications were intended for productivity assistance like contact database, calendar, email, and for the rapid performance the public demands with other areas like factory automation, GPS and then location-based services, mobile games, ticket purchases, order tracking. And for the all above process, there are millions of applications are available with the internet in the present cases. Generally form the application distributers, the applications have been downloaded and then distributed in various platforms over it by the user of the mobile operating system such is known to be google play store or app store. So the mobile testing companies have been testing over mobile applications with the fastness and cheapness with the use of the mobile community testers. For the process of downloading any of the applications, some have the free application download whereas the others have cost for the processing of downloading an application. The profit through the process of downloading an application can be distributed among the application creator and then the distribution platform.

Outline of the mobile application:

mobile testing companies

Bundled with the pre-installed software some of the mobile phones have been sold such as email clients, calendar, and a web browser, mapping, other media, and an application for buying music, and also other more applications. By an ordinary uninstall process some of the applications can be removed easily form mobile phones. Whereas the process of uninstallation leads to the free space for the user’s desired application. To eliminate the undesired applications some of the mobile devices want to be rooted where the software does not allow the processing. Through the distribution platform which is named as an app store, the applications won’t be pre-installed and generally available with the distribution platforms. In the year 2008, they are started to appear and were operated typically by the owners of the mobile operators like the blackberry app world, the apple app store, windows phone store, and google play. Getjar, F-Droid, and Cydia are all known to be independent app stores. The applications can be downloaded from the platform for the device the user might need for. But in some of the cases, the applications are downloaded for the laptop or desktop computers. Generally, for the distributer provider, 20 to 30 percent of the price is given, and then the rest of the benefits, and then the prices will reach the producer of the application. Depending on the mobile platform over the process of downloading will cost with the same application.

Various types of mobile application:

Commonly the mobile applications have been divided into three of the common schemes which are known as a hybrid application, native application, and then the web-based application. The native application is nothing but the target of all the applications over the particular mobile device is known. The mixture of the native application and then the web-based application is known to be the hybrid application. For web-based applications, the proper code is a need. The codes are known to be CSS, HTML5, or javascript. And then internet connection should be needed for the proper behavior of the web-based application.