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Games that are played online, with the help of an internet connection are often touted as online games. These types of online games are played with the help of computers and that will require a feasible internet connection. The arena of online games are is vast and that is largely beyond the cope. There are many reasons why online games are much preferred over offline games. There are much free game is available online too.

free game

There are many differences between online games and offline games.  Online games are still new to many people. The developing countries and underdeveloped countries are still sticking to offline games. In the offline, the player will be challenging the artificial intelligence that has been programmed into the game, and in online games, the player will be virtually challenging the other players. This adds realism to the games.  In which the gamers will be virtually challenging the other players. The procedure in it is quite challenging and adds fun. this also one of the reasons why online games are chosen over offline games.

Online games are both available for free and paid online games. Free games are downloaded and can be played free without the internet at any time. For paid games, you need to pay for downloading and the game process. The online servers are set by the companies. For online games, a reliable internet connection is required for gameplay. If the connection is poor then you may tend to leave automatically the money you invest may be lost. It is always suitable to have a wired connection than a wireless connection.


There are many disadvantages to online games. The most common problem with these games is addiction. Multiplayer games are addictive because they are like real games that are associated with real players. Some online games will make you spent money. The games have an upgrading option in which should spend money. This might end up paying the money to the companies.

The online game is not allowed at the workplace. People concentrate on such games during works hours and this is discouraged all over the world. The activities have some controlled with some rules and regulations. The same applies to children who are most addictive and they might ignore studies and that will end up hurting their future.

System: when the user wants to play online games the system update may delay the game process. The player has to wait for the process and after completion, they have to restart the PC, phone, or tablet.

Privacy: Privacy and copywriting the game or another disadvantage that makes a scandal and even shows the game down.

Gaming addiction disorder:

In the addiction list like alcohol, drugs,  gambling the online games are also added. The online game has become their part of life. A child who pays an average time for the game is not addicted. When they continue to pursue it despite the 12 months and start to fall into diagnosis. It an important fact to understand the level of dopamine that a gamer creates. This disorder tends to change the habitual action of the children. The psychological trait also affects the children.