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If it is certain that it exceeds the gains on bitcoins and that it is applicable to all gains on crypto-currencies, we can wonder about its transferability to other crypto-assets and more especially to the tokens subscribed within the framework of ICO Inital Coin Offerings. Indeed, the development of these operations, which constitute an alternative to traditional, financing, raises many tax issues, particularly regarding the taxation of subscribers. You can make a visit to www.androidheadlines.com now.

During the acquisition of tokens by means of crypto currency:

On this point, the solution released by the Council of State certainly applies to the exchange gain found by the subscriber, even though the operation does not generate no liquidity by which it can free itself from the tax that must be paid in the month following the transaction.

At the time of the transfer of the tokens to a third party:

The solution released by the Council of State seems to be defensible, provided that the tokens can be qualified as intangible property, such as bitcoins.

Having a portfolio rich in crypto currency can be rewarding for the ego, but to make its purchases, it is still necessary that these funds are repatriable in hard currency, in currencies accepted internationally in euros, dollars or others.

Having hundreds of thousands of euros in the form of crypto currencies is one thing. To actually hold these funds is another. However, there are services to convert. But again, if for small sums the procedure is relatively simple, for large investors, the problem can be more complex.

Why leave the game?

Bitcoin has a bad time. The crypto currency has one of the largest declines in its history with a fall in value of about 70% since its record level of December 2017. At the time, a bitcoin could be worth $ 20,000 against only 6,000 currently. This tumble can motivate currency owners to withdraw.

Especially since jolts are inherent in the very existence of bitcoin. In November 2013, the currency was already undergoing one of its worst days. As Reddit points out, the face value was certainly lower at the time, but the decline in the price of the currency was still in the order of 87%.

Why the price of bitcoin drops as much

Still, these roller coasters may have been right of your temerity. In this case, it is a saying that must always keep in mind the holder of a portfolio: Buy low and sell high. It is therefore not, in principle, useful to resell its assets in the trough of the wave. Better to wait for a recovery unless you decide to play late. In this case, it is recommended to have solid kidneys.

Services that exchange bitcoins or euros


Once the decision is made, a third party service must be used to transfer its assets to a traditional currency. But as a foreign currency, it is particularly important to identify exchange rates and determine what the preferential rate to use. The exchange rate can indeed vary according to the platforms such as Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Binance, CEXio, Kraken, Cryptopia, Bittrex or GateCoin.