traditionally patterned rugs
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traditionally patterned rugs

Rugs are powerful design material and in order to decorate with rugs, people have to consider many things. Some people choose traditionally patterned rugs  while others like modern ones. The rugs can be bought with different colors and sizes in order to decorate the room and the house. Here are some tips that can be used to buy rugs.


Many styles of rugs are available and people can buy them as per their requirement. The styles include furniture style, lightning style, room style, and many others. Besides traditional and Persian rugs, modern rugs can be easily used. The modern ones include floral, geometrics, jutes, etc. The style of the rugs must match the texture and color of the room to make it beautiful.


This is one of the most important things to consider. The rugs can be chosen to match with the color of the room or its contrasting color. Both the color styles will change the look of the room. If the rug has to be placed in a room having furniture, the owner can choose different colors that could match the room as well as the furniture. If a room has lots of colors, textures, and patterns, then buying rugs for that room is very easy.

Rug Patterns

People do not consider the patterns of the rugs but they can leave a decorative look to the room. If there are many patterned objects in the room like sofa, dining table, and other furniture, these patterned rugs will be very effective in enhancing the look of the room. If the floor of the room is not furnished, the patterns in the rugs can give a furnished look.

Size of the rugs

Size of the rugs is another consideration. Rugs for a small room are not a good choice. They should be chosen for medium or large sized rooms. The distance between the rugs and the walls should be ten to twenty inches. The distance should be maintained on all the four sides. If the rugs in the room are installed in the center, this will change the look of the room. If the rugs are to be installed in an open space, then special ones are to be chosen to highlight a particular area of the space.

Kind of pile

When people go for purchasing rugs, they should think about the kind of pile that will be used. Three kinds of piles include low, medium, and high. Low pile rugs are easy to clean and maintain in comparison to high piles. High pile rugs are expensive and give luxurious look to the room but they are durable and last long in comparison to low pile rugs.


Maintenance is another important thing to consider. People have to things about the cost of maintenance before buying the rugs. The rugs with low piles can be cleaned easily with vacuum cleaner but the high pile rugs stuck in the machine.

Wrapping up

These are some of the tips, which people have to follow in order to buy suitable rugs for their house. These tips will help in buying the rugs easily.