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This option consists of combining the kibble with another type of food, usually mash or homemade food: cooked or raw meat, vegetables, rice, etc. The idea of ​​mixed feeding is to compose the ration based on 50% dry food and 50% of other food, either in one go or in two separate meals during the day. The advantage of this solution is that it provides a balanced diet while being more appetizing than croquettes alone. It is possible to slightly vary the components of the meal, alternating different meats, cereals and vegetables. Search here for the best results now.


The mixture of mash and kibble makes it possible to combine the advantages of each type of food and to increase the water supply thanks to wet food. And in addition, dogs love it because it gives much tastier meals. Another positive point is that the animal does not completely get used to the kibble, and if you do not always have time to make elaborate meals, you can always give it. If he sulks, it will be enough to add a drizzle of fish oil or vegetable oil rapeseed, sunflower, brewer’s yeast or egg yolk. If you opt for products industrial, preparation time will have the advantage of being reduced.

Prepare homemade meals for your dog

The household ration is convincing more and more owners concerned with the nutrition of their dog. This type of food based on fresh ingredients is excellent if it is prepared in a balanced way. However, launching into “home-made” for your dog cannot be improvised and this does not in any way mean giving him the rest of our meals. The household ration must be specially prepared for your dog and meet several requirements, to cover its nutritional needs with rigorously selected ingredients.

The cost of such food is of course significantly higher than conventional food based on kibble and boxes. However, solutions exist to recover good quality food at a lower price, for example, unsold butchers, and some ingredients can be purchased in bulk and frozen, and including vegetables like zucchini, carrots, peas can thus be kept for a long time without loss.

The starches most commonly used for the household ration are rice, pasta, semolina which, too, is inexpensive bought in large quantities. They must be well cooked and not complete to be digestible. You can also find puffed rice for dogs on the market that just needs to be rehydrated with a little warm water.

What ingredients for a balanced ration?

We often hear about simplified recipes based on 1/3 cooked or raw meat, 1/3 vegetables and 1/3 starchy foods. However, current knowledge in canine nutrition has shown that this calculation lacked precision and that it deserves to be adapted to each animal according to its size, age, level of physical activity.

The best reflex, therefore, remains to seek advice from your veterinarian, who will be able to tell you the right proportions. The household ration must also contain vegetable oil for the supply of fatty acids and a supplement of minerals and vitamins. Finally, it is crucial to learn precisely about toxic foods for dogs.

The ingredients are classified according to their quantity in the food: the first ingredient is that which is present in greater quantity.