WordPress Plugins
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A well-written code is an indication of reliability for search engines. There are strict rules that developers must follow to generate clean end code. The developers of Themeforest or Elegant Themes personally guarantee that their products meet the required standards. The finer parts of WordPress Plugins now comes right there.

Template updates

As mentioned earlier, WordPress continuously changes its code. The purchase of a premium theme guarantees that, if necessary, when the new version of WordPress is released, the updated version of the theme will also be available after a short time.

WordPress Plugins

Functionality of WordPress Templates

Here is another great factor in deciding whether to buy one theme over another. Each developer has a personal way to add different accessory functions to the basic functions. Often the features are listed on the theme specification page, where it is indicated:

  • The plugins included in the package.
  • The widget modules programmed ad hoc to work perfectly with the theme.
  • The graphic elements and modules already available so that your site is as complete as possible.
  • Any tools to manage SEO (although we always rely on the Yoast SEO plugin, as explained in the course on search engines ).
  • Layout builder to create your pages with Drag & Drop modules or with a real-time builder like that of Divi.
  • Control panel to customize the appearance of the site down to the smallest details, such as the management of custom headers, sidebar managers, icons, fonts etc., which can already be used without new settings.

Advanced sliders

These are all aspects that are worth checking before purchasing. Each theme, in the visualization preview, generally has a features section where all the features it has are explained and, with a little experience and research, you will be able to understand on the fly which are the fundamental ones for your project.


Having the guarantee of an authoritative, fast and competent support is one of the characteristics that must not be missing. It must be said that, in the theme package that you will download after purchasing it, you will find comprehensive documentation that explains how to install it, how to customize it, how to insert content and how to insert widgets.

It will also explain all the features that it makes available to you (see also Course for Advanced Themes and that for Advanced Sliders). It may be that it is not possible to answer all the questions or problems that you can deal with a “generic” document.

Do not worry, we can assure you that the support they provide to those who opt for a premium theme is of absolute value and will surely be able, in a very short time, to answer all your doubts.

Find the best theme: rely on experience

We have seen what are the basic characteristics that must be evaluated when you are about to buy a theme; let us now turn to the practical aspects. The problem of too much choice remains to be solved. What we need to do is filter the information.

Let’s start by saying that in the Themeforest search panel, WordPress themes are already cataloged according to criteria related to the categories in which they are inserted.